Wonderkamers Zeeuws Museum

I recently painted murals for the new Wonderkamers (Chambers of Wonder) at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg, the Netherlands.

Visual stories are told about a journey of the Phoenix. Detached himself from the rigid vase on which he was painted in the 18th century in China. He travels in a ship or is flying over the sea. Passing a giant turtle, a majestic bombastic ship attached to its back. He defies the storms that forever rage over the islands and the water. At land he is having a tea with the Monkey King, and there he lets his feathers dry. He follows the caravan routes of the Mammoth guardians, and the collectors with porcelain vases, through jungles full colossal butterflies, followed by flickering stars, above his sleepy eyes. In a tortuous, twisted weathered 500 year old tree he finds his resting place, until the cycle starts again.

Zeeuws Museum, Abdij 3-4, 4331 BK Middelburg