Atelier Time traveler | Solo exhibition and open studio Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

From September 20 until the end of October, Gallery Untitled will show new work by artist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk. In addition, the artist will be working live in the gallery in the coming period and will give workshops.
In China he got to know the tricks of the trade during multiple residencies. For example, he investigated the origins of Delftware in Jingdezhen, among others, and penetrated the core of age-old porcelain techniques. The techniques learned in China reach their peak in multiple sculptures and “monsterboxes” and in the show-stopping three-meter-high porcelain vase that he completely covered in cobalt blue paintings.
In his surrealistic ceramic sculptures and oil paintings, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk takes us into his fairy-tale world. Looking closer, you can see how much the craftsmanship drips from it. Van den Nieuwendijk’s work is playful and colorful, but never simple. A historical and art-historical background can be clearly seen in Pepijn’s paintings and sculptures. Fairy tales, old stories, historical facts and mythology keep coming back.
Time plays a major role in Pepijn’s work. Much of his work is detailed, and literally requires a lot of time.
The ceramic work takes a lot of time to make in connection with testing, drying times and firing.
His travels to China, the long flight, time differences, jetlags and contacts from the Netherlands with Chinese factories, and friends who live about 6 hours in the future sometimes give him the feeling of being a time traveler.
China is a source of inspiration for both his ceramic work and his recent drawings. Each work is a story in itself, sometimes based on an existing (historical) figure such as Christopher, but also disappeared species such as the Dodo and the Mammoth. In Pepijn’s ‘Cirque de Pepin’ everything is possible.

Owls holding a tea ceremony on a boat, or participating in a Dragon boat race.
Pepijn investigates old ceramics techniques and experiments with glazes based on old ceramics. New and existing work can be seen in this new solo exhibition by Pepijn. Pepijn will regularly be working on new artworks in the exhibition space, an open studio for visitors.
Pepijn graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, with a degree in Graphic and Typographic Design. After his studies, he started working as an illustrator, became a painter and now, in addition to the paintings, mainly makes sculptures of ceramics.

Guarded by the Grand Vizier, acrylic ink on paper