September exhibitions

This September Pepijn is joining in two rather low profile exhibitions.

The first is a groupshow at the retirement home Veenhage in Noordorp near Den Haag.
At Veenhage his ceramic sculptures ‘Fuping bird’ and ‘Drakenkeizer’ (Dragon Emperor), amongst others, are at the party.

The second is a groupshow with fellow artists Ingrid Mol, Martin Horneman and Stefanie Ottens, called ‘Schoonheid en Sprookjes’ which means ‘Beauty and Fairytales’.
The location is quite special, the exhibition space is in the Great Barn of a classical Groninger farmhouse from 1650-1873. Although it is an old Barn it has actually museum like dimensions. With wooden walls six meters high, a ceiling height of 10 meters, and free floor area of 25 meters by 6 meters.
There are many ‘fairytales’ being told in this exhibition, but ‘beauty’ is in the eyes of the beholder, so you have to see for yourself.
Bart Artbox is in the tiny village of Thesinge in the beautiful landscape surrounding the city of Groningen.