Nachtbrakers solo exhibition

Galerie Nasty Alice
24 June – 29 July 2023 
Opening Saturday 24 June 3 – 5 pm 
One exhibition, two solos
Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk
Aagje Linssen
Shimmering Shadows

In the recent work of Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk he investigates the complex nature of sleep and the night. He takes inspiration from the discovery of the baby mammoth Lyuba in Siberia, which seemed perfectly preserved sleeping in the permafrost. Lyuba probably died from drowning in mud, out of sight of her mother, making her apparently peaceful sleep an illusion. The night brings a mixture of menace, nightmares and the awakening of creatures that normally remain hidden, such as the ‘monsters under the bed’. His recent works show caravans with exceptional figures that seem to come from the past, together with Flying crowned owls, dragons, dodos, and landscapes with mazes. The night skies and the own non-existent reality in which these scenes take place give the feeling of a parallel world that seems to exist side by side with the real world. 

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