LekArt 2018

In the weekend of 28 to 30 September, starts the brand new edition of the LekArt festival 2018. For the 2018 festival, curator Maartje Berendsen sets an exciting line with the subtitle ‘Shared Ground’: fact or fiction, truth or fantasy, real or illusion; a good story does not have to be true. Via well-known to lesser-known locations and even secret spots in the old city center of Culemborg, the art route leads the public past surprising art. Especially for press and guests there is a preview prior to the festival. We cordially invite you for this on Thursday 27 September at 5 pm in the building at Tollenstraat 39 in Culemborg.
Participating artists:
Vivian Ammerlaan | Jopie Biesters | Gijs van Bon | Paul Cox | Monika Dahlberg | Dropstuff | Esiri Erheriene-Essi | Ilona Haaksman | Katja Heitmann | Lidy Jacobs | Tuba Kilic | Stan Klamer | Herman Lamers | Kiki Lamers | Gabriel Lester | Dirk van Lieshout | Renzo Martens | Tirzo Martha | Sandim Mendes | Olaf Mooij | Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk | Kevin Osepa | Hannah Rood | Hinke Schreuders | Tanja Smeets | Iiris Sointu | Loek Vellekoop | Jonas Vorwerk | Vrijstad Drukker | Mieke de Waal | Barbara Witteveen | Sander Zweerts de Jong | Phansi Museum, Durban Zuid-Afrika