Heavy machinery

Heavy machinery at Zuliani, the art and terrazzo makers who are renovating the sculpture ‘Ode aan Marten Toonder’ (Ode to Marten Toonder).
Pepijn made this sculpture with his art collective De Artoonisten (Hans van Bentem, Luuk Bode and DJ Chantelle aka Boris van Berkum and himself) in 2002.
Because of rigorous adjustments to the square, like the recently built imposing ‘Markthal’, the city had to move the sculpture a few meters from the original location.
And with relocating the sculpture it had to be stored away for one year.
Pepijn and Luuk Bode are helping Zuliani a bit with adding some new paint on the top part of the sculpture, and that starts with removing the old paint.
The sculpture will be placed at the new location in Februari 2016.
More information about the sculpture: