Woodman’s journey: the four cardinal directions

Woodman’s journey
This is a small book Pepijn made in 2013. It is a report about his project ‘Woodman’s Journey’.
In this project ‘Woodman’s Journey’ Pepijn studied (and got inspired by) historical ceramics from the four cardinal directions. With this background, he worked on a series of ceramic sculptures.
These sculptures are the (fictional) story of a globe-trotter (“The Woodman” which stands for the wood that was used to firing kilns for centuries), who bringsĀ  souvenirs from his journey.
It was intended that he shows a specific part of the ceramic spectrum. Usually ceramic techniques that has his interest, and it is partly based on his archaeological interest and love for detail and decoration.
Pepijn researched ancient glazes and especially for this project he developed new glazes in collaboration with the glaze technician at Struktuur 68 ceramic studio in The Hague.
The project is supported by STROOM Den Haag.