Collaboration with Jan Snoeck

Het mannetje
Height 200 cm

Such an incredible honour that I have been asked to paint a large sculpture by Dutch sculptor Jan Snoeck.
Flowers in blue and white.
When I was chatting with Jan a few years ago at Struktuur 68 studio in The Hague, I said to him how I would like to paint one of his sculptures entirely in blue and white.
He remembered this idea and in december 2017 he called me on the phone and said that he didn’t know exactly what to do with this sculpture and wanted me to think of the idea of painting it in blue and white. Ofcourse I loved the idea.
I painted the torso first and painted the legs later.
Jan did the whimsical lines on top a few years ago (in black glaze) and I add the flower decoration in blue (on some of the photographs also showing black, it turns blue during firing).
While I was busy with the finishing touches of painting the legs on the sculpture I got the sad news that Jan had passed away.
Working with Jan was such a privilege. Beautiful that he was creating art up until his passing.

Jan Snoeck had just turned 91 years old.